Top Money Saving Tips for 2019

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Over the past decade – most households in Ireland saw falls in their disposable income as well as rising household bills.  OK – there were some small tax cuts in January 2019  – but these amount to less than €5 a week for most people.
We are always looking for ways to help people save money – and by following just 3 or 4 of these money saving tips, an average household should be able to cut their bills by as much as€1000 in just one year.

Here are our Top Money Saving Tips for 2019

  1.  Switch Energy Supplier
    If you are are an average electricity and gas user,  still on the old “ESB”  and Bord Gais standard  rates you could easily save around €340 in just one year by switching supplier .   See our  Energy Price Comparison

  2. Switch Broadband and Phone – Average users could save around  €288 in one yearby switching  landline and broadband  –   see more here about the cheapest broadband deals. 

  3. Students – sign up for 6 month FREE trial of Amazon Prime and get free 2 day delivery to Ireland plus access to hundreds of free videos.

  4. Switch Your Current Account : –  Most banks charge you for having a current account with them.  There are still some ways to reduce or even avoid these bank charges . In our example we found that savings of as much as €180 a year could be made – read more  here  Free Banking in Ireland 
  5. Switch your Mortgage :  Many lenders are offering cashback of up to 3% if you switch your mortgage. Savings of several thousand Euro in just 5 years are possible. See the  best mortgage rates here

  6. Zero Percent Interest Credit Cards :If you have a credit card balance that you are finding hard to pay off –  you could try and transfer the balance to a credit card with a 0% Interest introductory offer. On a balance of €5000 –  going interest free for just 9 months could save you around €860 in interest charges (based on 23% APR).  See our list of Interest  Free Credit Card Offers

  7. Avoid paying for travel insurance – get free worldwide multitrip travel insurance with  a Bank of Ireland Platinum Credit Card

  8. Lower Your Mobile Phone Bills : Move to a cheaper mobile plan with a new network or choose a lower priced option with your current network. Heavy phone users could easily cut their annual mobile spend by around €250 . See our article on the  Cheapest SIM only Billpay Deals

  9.  Claim all the government grants you can get:  – there are grants worth thousands of Euro available for insulation.   More details on Grants Here.

  10. If you telephone people in the UK a lot – find out which landline companies give youFREE UK calls.

  11. Get Cheaper Home Insurance :  When your house insurance comes up for renewal – don’t just stay with the same insurer – shop around . Our most recent  Home Insurance Comparison showed that savings of  about €420 a year could be made by shopping around.

  12.  Cut the cost of your TV/broadband & phone  package – check the best deals from  Virgin and Sky

  13. Get some cash for your old Mobile Phone :You might be  surprised at how much your old unused mobile phone is worth. See our page about cash for  phones here.  It might not be a lot – but every little helps !

  14. Track your Spending : If you don’t know exactly where your money is going every month , it’s hard to see how you can spend less.  By tracking your daily spending  – you can see if it is time to cut back on those take away coffees and treats  or those bottles of wine ?  Try it  – you’ll be suprised ( Couples –  prepare for some arguments!)

  15. Switch Car Insurance –  in some cases a quote from the most expensive  insurance company could be almost  three times higher  than the cheapest insurer   – see more details here

  16. Currency Exchange – if you are exchanging large sums of currency don’t use your own bank to do it for you – you will get a better rate from a specialist currency exchange company . On a transaction of 20,000 euro you could typically save €200 to €400  See our page about getting the best exchange rates

  17. Switch Your Savings Account. If you have savings you should check if you are getting the best interest rate. See our regularly updated list of the Best Interest Rates Here.   Some deposit accounts are paying rates as low as  0.01%  – but you could get a rates of up to  0.3% – that isn’t great but it’s better than nothing .

  18.  Get a FREE NCT if you have to wait more than four weeks.

  19. Do Online Surveys :Don’t waste all your time online  looking at other people’s Facebook. You could try and make a few easy Euros instead from online market research surveys .  Register here for  Online Surveys

  20. Don’t use expensive moneylenders if you are struggling on low income and can’t borrow from a bank. Apply for a low interest  “It Makes Sense”  loan ” from a Credit Union. Details Here

  21. If you are travelling in Europe – remember to get your free  EHIC card to avoid possible medical charges if you become ill or have an accident. Details Here

  22. If you regularly use the M50 – read how to cut your toll charges

  23. If you do need to call Directory Enquiries – use 11888 for the lowest price. See details of Directory Enquiry Charges here

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